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lirik lagu 86jkr – shellin barz


[intro ~ ?]
(laugh) look’s like were experiencing technical difficulties
but don’t worry folks, we’re still on the air (laugh)
86, joker

[verse 1 ~ 86jkr]
them man speak to [?], drop off the case to the island
lock off the beat it’s violent, screw on the cap it’s silent
trap is hot, [?] points there’s too many got
man ran through way too many thots
pull up to the party, henny, siroc
free all the gang in the lock, don’t do hands the gang do dip
leave man there with the shiver and lip
p~ssy youth, a quivering b~tch, do your job and deliver that sh~t
hit ’em with a kick, creep that block in a four~door whip
keep it c~cked, let it rip, open skin and expose his guts
had options and chose his lungs, stuck it deep i bet it stung
anything opp get bun, all of them job’s get done, all of them mops they run
make ’em drip, make ’em leak, [?] the stupid neek
on a bender for a week, need a blender for that cheech
mix it up, in the pot, turn that [wah] into rock
drinking henney and siroc, a61 there lean and bop
we’re [ex~whip] and bando living, gang do fighting and gang do chinging’s

[verse 2 ~ 86jkr]
beef me, see your man he go missing
fly like peter pan or some witches
watch me hit the pan in the kitchen
beat him into submission
beamer’s and benz’s, see through scope, man, see through lenses
duck man down, church bells ring
kick down door, burst it in 86 we’re the first to win
one punch there man, jerk his chin, blade like a hook (yeah) [curvy king]
put him on fire, burn his skin
pull up quick and swerve the thing
this b~tch here will serve the king
them man snitch, they’ll turn you in
take man’s life, shallow grave, man got~got, [?] blade
[?] back to the bando day’s, man had packs of the loudest haze
man threw [?] into a crowded place
fat b~tch gave her the d~ck it’s too long (too long)
pull up, pull up quick and get gone
beef man [?] quick some wet don’s
them man fake some stupid [let~on’s]
rat eejits, that’s what they are ye
and watch when i get me hands on the two of them
they’re both getting battered, and ye better leave this in the song cause i want everyone to see this