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lirik lagu 86 huncho – another one


n~ggas wanna talk about some font
you ain’t have enough

[verse 1: ricch rackzz]
i just popped a perky every 30
now i’m feeling stuck
your b~tch wanna f~ck i told
that b~tch to crab another cup
told her sip 4x
grab another one we was
six deep two glocks grab another one
i just copped a 40 with a beam
“yeah” another one n~ggas wanna some font you
ain’t have enough how you wanna
talk about a gun you ain’t never seen ?

[verse 2: 86 huncho]
he keep talking crazy so
i hit him with a
right run up on me i’ll have
you flying like a kite your shawty
looking good i had to slip
n slide don’t get
mad at me cause she looking right imma big dog
lil boy you a mice getting to
these hundreds gotta go grab plenty more
girl touching on my
chain don’t touch no more frеak
it in the party
till i can’t freak it no more 4x