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lirik lagu 83hades – weaapon 2


he got a weapon, i got a weapon
he got a weapon, i got a weapon
he got a weapon, i got a weapon
he got a weapon, i got a weapon
he got a weapon, i got a weapon
he got a weapon, i got a weapon
he got a weapon, i got a weapon
he got a weapon
i got the weapon!

slide with the glock, slide with the mop
i cannot help it, i cannot stop
you can get shot, big going red dot
you can get popped, just like an opp
just like a (?), i like em clownin’ im k!lling yo (?)
if you get shot down got a mask in the lobby
can’t pick a b~tch cuz they all wanna top me
im selling hank b~tch i feel like im bobby
i stick a gun out of bros maserati
these demons on shorty i slide on your thottie
these (?) im (?) im gonna feel sn0bby
and i keep a glock 40 i ain’t fear n0body
and up all on the block and im getting lots of money
and this rapping ain’t no joke don’t know why you think its funny
i don’t gotta say a thing cause they knowing how im coming
they don’t know much to this, know that im busting
i pull out the chopper and they starting running
big 83 i turn nothing to something
my girls have an orgy they be out here f~cking
tell them i close that, i be out here stunting
now what you say we can tell that you’re fronting
im from (?) we k!lling say nothing
hold on lil bro am i missing you something?

im the bad guy, b~tch i feel like a villain
beat up the p~ssy, i murk it i k!ll it
she wanna flirt take her skirt then i drill it
i take em off of this earth for a chicken
im off the xans they be f~cking my vision
walk in the trap like my clip is extended
shorty was bad but i had to end it
f~ck all that talking lets get it

f~ck all that talking lets do it im with it
(?) gon’ take you come through in that civic
im with the monsters who stay in them trenches
i buy a laser so they can’t see who did it
rappers who with it, i can’t name a single one
im finna spray em all down like a sentry gun
down to the d~ck, but i heard that you sucking one
she look the way that i sucker punch
im finna pop me another one
go see your daughter right into (?)
he date a b~tch and turn into one
all of that cash is an illusion
she think i love her that’s delusion
lets see how the d~cks moving
we gon’ see how he shooting
hoe i am not human
pull out the heat and then get human
i got the sauce in this b~tch, prove it
i told you shut up, why your lips moving?
i got the weight little b~tch we done been moving
he wanna back in for with me you get ruined
she up and down on my d~ck call that head movement
im going up they can see that im improving
smoking on gas that’s where this sh~t a (?)
you got a vest well these bullets will go through it
people say sh~t in their songs and then don’t it
b~tches be thirsty they screaming all for fluid
who you think dead if we ended up both shooting
i got the bag in my vision i go to it
i got the lean in my cup b~tch i been brewing
i bring the shotty tonight im the one choosing

[beat switch]

wouldn’t thought that i was caged the way im selling dope
swear to god you wouldn’t thought it saved her the way i f~ck her up
told my bro that once i get that cake im gonna cut it off
i been out stacking (ods?) got me feeling tall
the murder they say (?) is gonna rock em in his f~cking job
if you wanna get some others brain you gon’ get with me (?)
say you gonna touch me and my bros, like you so silly ha
i just sent a bullet in his head i tote for really brah

b~tch i have been touring round the map, im in f(?) (?)
if you want the beef you will f~cking come and get me brah
people get to ducking when i come in with the semi brah
you may be not right now but i swear to god im catching up

let em think that this a game until i met em at this mamas crib
bro im back, knock his frame, murder him in front of his kids
i ain’t high from n0body like, you can come and find me b~tch
not for everybody yeah im really with that grimey sh~t
got the pistols on me and i hold them they (?) switch
whats so funny sh~t i really popped a benzo in a benz

on some junky sh~t, your bro wanna f~cking crack (beans?)
come in to my city i hope your lil ass is tapping in
pistol whip em swear to god this chopper be up smacking(mid?)
lets see who has k!lled them, lil b~tch, that’s a f&n
big balenciagas triple s’s what im stepping in

like who am i not better (?)
she just showed me her p~ssy now im out here wetting it
(?) blow, i get explosions
back in 4th, im up in those (?)
put her brains (emotion?), we gon’ train her like a locomotive
people hate on me but tell me whats the motive?
big ass ar strapped right over my shoulder
said he need some weed, i hit up my grower
we gon’ blow em back, all up with my blower
big ass desert eagle, i got gucci i don’t need no holster
now its over i’ma hit her spot, i’ma bend her over
you break down the rock, while im actually out here breaking boulders
what is yours is mine, yeah your shawty say she like my (smolder?)

suck my f~cking d~ck, b~tch, this song is over