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lirik lagu 83hades – quak3


got a grip on the glock, know we brought guns, aye
wanna beef? (?) with us, you gon need funds, aye
i ain’t no (?), this a big drum, aye
got me playing with her p~ssy, all with my tongue, aye
lil b~tch gon’ give me top and then she top my cousin, aye
and ive really been on rubber sh~t, since the young age
how’s it feel to know you buyin’ me, b~tch i paid the weight
you know what timing im on, i don’t got a thing to say
b~tch these packs real heavy you just moving paper weight
oh, what i nutted on? that’s a bad b~tch’s face!
(?), now she thinkin that i’m great
im posted up with jaja, he hang around, straight apes
bust that ass up and down i hit the ground and make it quake
i just moved another plate, it might bе an earthquake
and his brothers talkin sh~t wе just might up the murder rate
no he not a real stepper, even all his shoes are fake

b~tch i’m rockin’ real feathers i got gucci with the snakes
got my cash from selling drugs so please don’t ask me bout the (?)
and i don’t need no camouflage but yes i still be rocking bape
i don’t know a single rapper that be going in my (?)
now im all up in the hills, like, you can meet me at the gate
finally made it b~tch, i don’t care about a thing they say
that’s your main b~tch? then she started movin’ towards my way
but she basic, no i can not f~ck round with no lames
if i lane switch, i be hittin’ stains all with the gang
with a large clip, bullets big (?) they knock your frame
met the mole with her
i be d~gg~n’ her
only when i want s~x, when im callin’ her
i be with the bunnies we gon’ jump like im hugh hefner
shorty in my line and then i slide on my home record
all my numbers finally going up they got my phone wetter
ass hit the ground, make it quake, you might feel (?)
my pockets so big, your pockets just gettin’ dinner
you don’t be up in the streets,(?)
i just popped a few beans, now i can’t even remember
i got all the snow in, but its not even december

im totin’ the heat, but i just gotta let it simmer
no you don’t want no beef, im playing ball like im a sinner
don’t know how, let me teach, im finna show you im a si~

(beat switch)
murder time, all i know, what is time
ima blow, got a choppa, with a scope
in the club, i (?)
put the muzzle to his throat
i stay with a bad hoe
i see 2 guns that i like, i tell bro i want both
ima bang the 9, bro
like i did the night before
with a thot, we special forces, we came in with 9 poles
posted like a light pose
i like guns i like shows
ballin’ like d rose, shootin’ from the free throw
i don’t rock fake clothes, all these rappers got exposed
how the f~ck you rocking with ’em?
they be some x clones
(?) double star (?)
best put down the microphone
what i ride around with?
jimmy bringing out the stick, like who’s next up on my list
if you call me make it quick or else i’m gonna f~cking trip

i’m on (?) like don’t even try it i came out the trenches
to get vvs diamonds
i push his ass back i think i’m a (?)
say what you want but atleast i am trying
i told little bro stop crying we finding the ways to get rid
of the violence
if i got my chopper just know that i’m vibing
i’m beatin’ the p~ssy im getting inside it

what you said about me in your diss song?
i got all them racks, i put your b~tch on
i be bangin’ on my chest but i’m not king kong
this sh~t dangerous, but im blessed, told ’em bring it on
all your partners get to tellin’ its a singalong
you better watch, who exactly you are switching on

skrr, skrr, skrr, skrr

i might pop too many percs, then i leave earth
i got ftp, on my f~cking sweatshirt
leave ’em (?), better go correct (?)