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lirik lagu 83hades – prblm


i just popped a few xans, now i’m leanin
lil drug addict yeah i know you see me fienin
times is tough i had to rob (?) didn’t mean it
red and green (?) on my waist, (?)

i’ma f~ck on your hoe when she see me
gotta stay down, f~ckin (?) freezin’
and i need the money first, you can’t see it, aye
all these hollow tips go through ’em have his body leakin’ aye
if you ain’t talkin money, i don’t wanna hear it
strap me a whole thang, b~tch im with my team
red dot with extensions, i got red beams
and its courtside, how you see me with the action

i got tons of money and i’m always f~cking braggin’
got illegals to my waist, so my pants start saggin’
i’m a real f~cking trapper always see me stackin’
money on my mind hoe
money on my mind hoe
money over everything, ima count this bread up
see me with chat up
got her fed up
said you moving weight, boy, i get you sad up
and when we see you, (?)
all this weight around my neck, (?) keep my neck up
said i’m next up
he don’t want problems, i strapped up with revolvers
i just popped a goblin, my diamonds they all flawless
(?) drugs, need an offer, im f~ckin on your daughter
all my people slaughter, movin’ all these choppers
catch em’ out, late night, he need a doctor
you ain’t ever been no motherf~cker opper
ima up the pistol, ima~

you ain’t never been no robber
you ain’t never been no robber
i’m not really with the talkin
and im ballin’ (?)
smokin’ drugs (?)