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lirik lagu 83hades – ordeal


glizzy what you cookin’ up?
[verse 1]
uh uh i pull up i’m flexing ya dig
i’m gettin’ signals from yo b~tch
plus i be sniffin’ on b~tch
don’t talk to me while i’m linin’ up yola
i got some strings on yo thot i control her
couple perc’ five’s in the mothaf~ckin’ soda
i got some shooters they posted all over
ay and i got this thing on my hip
and if you do same you gon’ flip
but i promise that you will not die slow
i said that i like burning bodies i’m pryo
pull up at the door b~tch i look like a psyco
and yes i f~cker her she not even my type though
i need a b~tch with a tight throat she ridin’ d~ck like a side hoe
walk in this b~tch [?]
f~ck with the devil lil’ b~tch i came outta’ h~ll
[verse 3]
your raps all fiction they just be some story tales
[?] gon’ need a mеmorial
talkin’ online now you in the ordeal
othеrs might cap but i got this sh~t for real
i’m always in drive i ain’t talkin’ bout’ four wheel
wait wait dunk on your b~tch like o’neal
yellin this sh~t like what is yo hoes deal
better keep quiet before we approach you
i’m in the field [?]
you play around and we just might be smokin’ you
[verse 4]
i’m with a b~tch from la at the w
monsters be under yo bed best look under you
i’m putting acid on paper like scientists
takin’ this d~ck she gon’ some enlightenment
hit up mcdonalds and see if they hirin’
i pull out the chopper then we get to firin’
broke motherf~ckers they hittin’ my line again
f~ck what you say i’ll p~ss on yo entitlement
[verse 5]
~knock knock knock~
had to wet him up and then i put lil bro up in the dryer
turn him to a missin’ person got his face up on a flyer
when i’m in the field [?] because its dire
and i’m f~cking on yo b~tch in the am no i’m not tired
choppa knock the brains out of this fool and now he a flat tire
gettin old you a sucker i think you need to retire
i be bouncin’ off the walls i do some yola get hyper
b~tch i really f~ckin’ trap you is just another typer
i get all up in the water [?]
i get all up in your daughter swear to god i can’t deny her
i’m a pyromaniac why all my music f~cking fire
[verse 6]
glock 22 all up on my side i grab it then i fire
f~ck you gonna do if i’m with christ and he with all the snipers
like i’m michael myers
i be gripping on the chop so much i’m getting atheritis
everything i’m touchin’ turnin’ gold i musta’ got the midas
every time i see you goin’ froze like you ain’t right beside us
[verse 7]
crush em with the tip of my tec and i ain’t talking linus
all my f~ckin’ music [?] like it got coronavirus
i be sniffin’ on that miley cirus clockin’ on my sinus
i just bought me some brand new margielas you still rock osirus
i just put my finger on the trigger don’t get me exited
[verse 8 in whisper]
if i slide into your shorts crib then i’m finna pipe it
got yo homie rolled up in my blunt and i’m boutta’ light it
let me tell the story of a goofy who thought he could try it
[verse 9]
these is vv diamonds
diamonds round my neck i f~ck yo b~tch and i ain’t even trying
got her comin’ back cause she found out that my d~ck is giant
catchin’ everything like 2012 and i’m the new york giants
hit him with the pan cause a motherf~cker really fryin’
[verse 10]
i’m a young whippersnapper the p~ssy what i am after
like i just k!lled yo dad i turned his son to a b~st~rd
and this a really real clapper
he thought he invincible until his head done got splattered
i cut the coke up with plaster
like we ain’t even get the finish b~tch this sh~t is a master
all my numbers goin’ up while all your numbers go backwards
i am so high i’m on saturn
can you not pick up the patterns this pistol leave your brain scattered
i whip my d~ck out mick jagger
you like my shoes well i’m flattered
all yo raps are f~ckin’ make belive just like flatter
plus yo shorty is built like a twig my b~tches ass fatter