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lirik lagu 83hades – louis bag


i catch my flight and i´m about to be flying
i don´t give a f~ck about hype because i´m [?]
if i get the p~ssy wet, let me cum inside it
i keep saying f~ck the feds, i´mma form a riot
haters on my f~cking d~ck, don´t know why they ridin’
i be spittin’ all these bars like i got indicted
she is not my type, but i still f~ck her, i like it
to be mine, b~tch,[?]
she wants some diamonds, i told that b~tch to earn her diamonds
hey you stop trying, i pulled the chopper it get violent
please don´t [?]
the girl you dream about, i´ll be in her [?]
she want my baby, she just said “please cum inside me”
walk around like i´m that man, like ain´t n0body high as me
tell the opps to suck a d~ck, i know that they despise me
i got a half pound on me, and im still going 90
all the hatin’ sh~t i did, i put that sh~t behind me
and i think i got a mad shawty beside me
and i don´t [?], don´t speak up please and do not remind me
i swear they turn into my double once they f~cking find me
and i be high 24/7, i don´t need no [?]
cash count, cash count, all i care about is bag
you doubt that, i´mma prove it wrong with the stack
you is not no [?] run up on your crib on with the mac
you think these b~tches bad until you find out [?]
and we get in and out i swear we gonna let go of the whole mag
i got 2 ars in this louis bag
you hear this song, shawty, hope it makes you sad
[?], no i won´t come back
i just shot that boy, throw him in the trash
i´m a f~cking monster, you don´t want to [?]
you be smoking mid, like i don´t wanna [?]
we got different whites, we got different bags
tell my momma, made it, i finally got the bandz
don´t know where i´d be if it weren´t for all my fans
was so d~mn hard, that i [?] lost all my friends
i´m like “who is you ?” they say “whats the move ?”
smoking good produce
who the f~ck knows you, i just might expose you
and i didn´t see at my f~cking live, so i don´t know you