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lirik lagu 83hades – beam


[verse 1: 83hades]
f~ck do you mean?
hades out here (?) degrees
always poppin’ fell in love with the beans
stop that talkin, pullin’ up to the scene
in the coffin, put them down with the beam
diamonds dancin’, that sh~t got me wet
(?) the death, b~tch, i married the tec
ocean (?), (?) had a flood on my neck
and its very scary when i rap
press the medal all up in his chest
(?) the p~ssy like i am a vet
you a fake little b~tch you won’t do what you say
if i pop out, best believe its broad(?)
i got shooters in your house, put them up where he stay
if he try to act up then we rat in his brains
knock, knock, in his door and it’s stacy with the mac
3 shots, (?) down, had to p~ss off his neck
2 cops pulled up tryna catch me down bad

if he try to up me then he getting wacked
put a (?) when i hop out the (?)
all for my gang, you can pop like a tag
hit the p~ssy, get beat like a f~cking f~g
b~tch don’t drip, b~tch you gonna get the whole mag
know i gotta keep an opp in a (?)
pullin up the perc, layin’ where the poles at
she gon’ (?) to the squad, bring the whole bag
ay, none of you b~tches gon’ f~ck
ay, get the f~ck out of my truck
ay, (?) my bill, getting buff
ay, ratchet on me you get stomped
ay, 6 in the chamber, (?) all you want
how im a demon, the devil my son
they tryna rat me, i send them back, run

pull up the party i let out my gun

[911 call and reversed chucky laugh]

[verse 2: k!ll stacy]

i cannot f~ck with the chase and the (?) get the fade catch a case
and i lay
low is a b~tch, the dark (?) shave
but i ain’t got no chance to go try on you lames
boy, playing no games with these p~ssies im hittin’
still playing these games on these p~ssies im gettin’
and these b~tches play games
im addicted to winnin’, addicted to spinnin’, and (?) livin’
don’t got no chance
shawty just (?) like a (?) leave you wet as my neck
don’t got respect
(?) up on my (?), leave you dead
im at the tip~top, no i can’t tip toe
b~tch i stay ten toes
still hittin’ kick do’
(?) your sh~t, but this drum got a (?)
n~ggas talk sh~t but i know that they b~tch though
b~tch im nitty gritty pretty with that semi
p~ssy hit your (?) make a n~gga leave a city
(?) dizzy
hit em’ with glock i know that n~gga finna (?)
give a b~tch some d~ck (?) i know she finna (?)
i don’t need to k!llers but them k!llers comin with me
said i take your life, he said “like really n~gga really?”
said i take your life, he said “like really n~gga really?”