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lirik lagu 83hades – amnesia


[verse 1: 83hades]
i’m airin’ sh~t out
i’m wearin’ a vest if this sh~t does go south
swear she [?] and gets glued to her mouth
if you see me post gl!cks then we shootin’ it out
no you don’t wanna box b~tch you won’t last a round
i just pulled out a clipper and mowed this sh~t down
put this sh~t in the pitcher and then pass it around
we gon’ pass round your thottie we hoin’ her out
and no i’m not f~ckin’ with no low amounts
i don’t walk in my own crib i walk in your house
they say that i f~cked her that sh~t get around
i walk in the function yo b~tch get aroused
we gon’ pull up to circus and shoot all these clowns
and you can’t trust these b~tches they f~ckin’ for clout
if she said she had practice go deep in her mouth
if he speak to the feds he gon’ squeal like a mouse

[verse 2: kay p]
aye these n~ggas b~tches go put on a blouse
you was at work i was f~ckin’ yo spouse
that p~ssy wet make her squirt on the couch
i got a blade on me, you wanna joust?
i’m at your neck, just like a bowtie
i got a check, without a cosign
picked up lil shorty she toppin’ me roadside
you gonna k!ll me? we know that’s a whole lie
i can’t trust these b~tches i know what they up to
walk in my shoes but that sh~t will corrupt you
b~tch who is knockin’? don’t you move a muscle
pop his eye out his head like uncle ruckus
f~ck with 83, we with all the f~cked sh~t
spoon in the powder i’m calling it fun~dip
his b~tch wanna f~ck me i might have to cuck him
she tryna eat on me just like a ruffle
i came from the bottom, concrete and the rubble
she wanna link cuz my sh~t came on shuffle
i want that p~ssy i don’t wanna cuddle
give me some sp~ce, lil b~tch call me hubble
24 oz. pour me a double
i feel like frieza (you n~ggas in trouble)
i got a glocky i don’t wanna tussle
you think that’s yo b~tch, but she doesn’t love you
we catch yo ass flexin’ we holdin’ you hostage
i might just smoke a bro like my name caustic
keep talkin’ crazy you gettin’ yo jaw split
k!lled him too, you wake up in a coffin
and i hate the feds, so i’m breakin’ the law
you cap in your raps, you be fakin’ it all
i told her get naked, she takin’ it off
her parents told her to not get involved
i’m not playin’ games but you know this ain’t saw
as long as she clean then i’m f~ckin’ her raw
big .45 got it tucked near my b~lls
and if i’m with a white b~tch, you know she a pawg
put my thumb in her ass when i hit from the back
and that p~ssy so good she gon’ get put on blast
we runnin’ up on you, you better not lack
you get robbed for your sh~t, you ain’t gettin’ it back
the feds did a sweep, but i got amnesia
blunt real loud it’s gon’ hit like sharkeisha
i’m lookin’ for blood i’ma give yo ass zika
pulled off his head i think i’m the grim reaper
have your cash ready if you ask for a feature
they call me [?] but they think i’m [?]
might have a ménage like my name anikka
yo b~tch off the brandy, not talkin’ moesha
and i had to drop her cuz she just a eater
i call her lois cuz she love my peter
i’m sippin’ wockhardt like i got a fever
these diamonds flashin’ might give you a seizure
i know that she dig me, she tell me go deeper
i don’t know why you treat her like a keeper
i got her on her knees like i’m a preacher
and if you didn’t know then b~tch i’m bout to teach her
[verse 3: 83hades]
whippin’ in a rental for a picture that’s unprecedented
pullin’ my d~ck right out of her body i’m about to finish
why you talkin’ bout all of this cash when you are barely spendin’
think you comin’ up but you gon’ flop i promise you ain’t winnin’
go into no kroger i’m about to re~up all this chicken
you don’t even have no f~ckin’ guns so who the f~ck you l!ckin’?
walk into the stu i’m bringin’ me in like a couple women
tryna sound like me so they can get up in my recommended
choppas open 24/7 like i’m planet fitness
[?] bro i gotta find out what the f~ck he winnin’
always tryna hit up on the blunt but then you never pitch in
i’ma take a sh~t up on these rappers like a f~ckin’ pidgeon
flex so hard that i think i got ’em reminiscin’
he gon’ run when he find out that my clip extended
snake on me lil b~tch now you got me livid
i push ’em back like a piston
lessen my sentence
told ’em they don’t like to listen
i’m in the kitchen
whippin’ up rock, b~tch
i’ll make ’em swim with the fishes
i eat that p~ssy real visciously
said you’ll rob me best be kiddin’ me
shot goin’ right through his kidney
you can get shot like you kennedy
deleting sh~t call you hillary
i’m goin’ down on yo thot like no mayday
kay p comin’ in with a mof~ckin’ ak
a rail of the yola got me goin’ crazy
i made so much bread i forgot that it’s payday
i robbed your boy and then you on the same day
you walkin’ home? well you best take the safe way
i hit from behind i be makin’ her earthquake
i just made three bands, and it’s only thursday