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lirik lagu 83hades – 83shades


no they do not like me i come in and dunk on em
bring out the shorties i come in and f~ck on em
bring out the opps b~tch im not finna duck on em
flexing this cash b~tch i go down on (?)
look up to me b~tch i am my own role model
i put some lead in his head that sh~t remodel
pull up the function i bring you like 3 bottles
bring out the chop if you even just sneeze on me
im with the sh~ts we gon see if you bleed homie
glock on my waist i got that double gs on me

rippin your face in the ground for no reason g
demons my head no i can not act decently
got that red dot right to (?) his lil jesus piece
if i lay them out then i hope he dont rest in peace
get to the whip and i got me the recipes
why is you talkin when your sh~t is sassin me
i might run off cuz that b~tch, she keep testin me

diamonds (?) flesh i know that they blinded
bent it, over im breaking her (?)
she like to ruff like a motherf~cking diamond
can’t do it like me but its cool you should try it
you a stain, (?)
the screen you behind it im gettin inside it
she feelin my c~ck (?)
brand new fn, i can’t wait to try it
im in her p~ssy too loose it won’t tighten
(?) me the bag (?)
im finna blow up like im all up in isis
i cannot control b~tch im (?) from my (?)
gun might go off like dont get me excited
(?) that boy ass then put it in my island
i know you lyin, i do not deny it
beat up the p~ssy, you just be out skypin
slice off (?) flesh, (?) cryin
(?) something like a siren
83 (?)
im proud of the p~ssy i dont like to hype it
and im in the trenches then you all in that typin~

l~l~l~leave your witnesses, im comin in tell your b~tch im finishin
that b~tch a mannequin, im politician if she like my swag and she see that im gettin it
lets slide to her crib, she hop in the whip, and she feeds on the p~ssy

i f~ck (?)

i (?) b~tch over innocence
im at the top we (?) it
trapped in my room, theres no visitin
im in the future, (?)
the heater (?) sizzling
i f~ck em up they not listenin
(?) quick (?) ripplin
i used to gonna get rid of it
i got (?) aim off the (?)
why you so fake that sh~t sickening
catch me, your language illiterate
pull out the chop at the menaces
(?) shivering, dont split no evidence
thought he was scary, he quivering
i got the pole like a fisherman
f~ck it we tear off his (?)
i f~ck a b~tch, any pigment
(?), then come in
why you shoot through the whole citizens