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lirik lagu 818 – kids


can’t sleep
i’ve lost my way
should be getting better but it’s harder every day
can’t give-up
i’ll see through my fate
reckless and too young still will never be okay
when we grow up
it wont matter
we don’t want to be
a younger generation
who’s like you
we never wanted this
we won’t be like you
come on
we’re not the same
we don’t make the laws but we’re the ones you blame
we wont give in
we just want to live our lives our dreams are still the same
p-ssing-off the planet
one neighborhood at a time
ostracized for teenage abandon
mom and dad they simply won’t listen
p-ssing-off the planet
one neighborhood at a time
teacher thinks i have nothing to say
says i’m simply throwing it all away
when we grow up
we will matter
live our lives
p-ss to a greater generation
who will belong
we always wanted this
and we weren’t wrong