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lirik lagu 808wzrd, talarthur – selfish


i like it my way
i’ll have it my way
i’m upfront, h~lla honest, not a sly way
that’s besides me
treat me like your size mate
with me as a meal, there’s never a need for a side plate
i’ll keep it real
can you keep it real with me?
i like a mean n~gga
never over~friendly
selfish with his energy

they want it easy
but that’s not my speed
i don’t cruise, i don’t sail, i don’t share what’s made for me
i’m a selfish ass, sorry
i want it all to myself
no portions
i need the whole trеat for myself


i can’t let you go
i want you for my own
i’m in a selfish zonе

i get it that way ~ my way
outside of the club when i sight what is my plate (my plate, my prey)
i don’t even act upon it, it’s a stare game

no need to flex like that
main dish and side like that
got them moving like brats

it’s like, i take what’s mine then i own it
not giving it away ’til i’m done with
sharing is caring, i don’t give a d~mn
selfish, territorial, i admit it

one more step and you gon’ get hurt
you ain’t ready for what’s been served
shawty better take it slow
lil mama, let me switch the flow
gonna take all of this
then i’ll have all of that
egotistic, self~centered every single day