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lirik lagu 808louie – 1:1


yeah yeah, yeah

i’m in beast mode, i freestyle i go dummy
i make beats then i rap on it like sonny
ain’t even touch her yet she wetter than dasani
you wanna sign me? need two mil, that’s on my mommy

that ain’t your b~tch lil n~gga that’s our b~tch
guess i got smelling like some arm piece yuh
i’m steph with my wrist, no i cannot miss yeah
she steady callin’, she must want my f~ckin’ kids

i cop a new b~tch like a new fit
or in more (?)
yeah my wrist watch this
n~ggas watching me i stay low in the c~ckpit
i feed my b~tch these percys i’m a trending topic

i’m that n~gga i’m the one yeah hey
i shine brighter than the sun yeah
post’ to beat it, i hit it like a gun yeah
and on that last one i (?) one of one yeah

yeah one of one
i’m one of one yeah
i’m one of one
i’m one of one
i’m one of one yeah
i’m one of one