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lirik lagu 804.exotic – real shit


real sh~t
real money bag getter
real money bag getter
real money bag getter

let a n~gga know how you steppin , how you movin
let a n~gga know how you stickin how you movin
let a n~gga know how much money that you makin
but don’t say the right amount cause you know they get to snakin, uh

they actin now
lil n~gga mane they actin now
the brass is out
these n~ggas lookin dummy now
they dummy how?
lil n~gga gettin smoked right now
the brass is out
lil n~gga mane we beefin now

f~ck all em n~ggas who be snakin now
f~ck all em n~ggas who be fakin now, uh
up on the ig
talkin bout some rеd beams
talkin bout they shoot things
know they ain’t shoot it
and i ain’t sayin im somе gangsta ass n~gga
lemme tell you something i ain’t no b~tch ass n~gga
i’ll really beat yo ass and then laugh at you n~gga
i got temper ass issues, ready flex onna n~gga
i ain’t eva totin no guns tho
but i’ll beat yo ass in the sun tho
b~tch you in front of your kids tho
i dont give a f~ck what i speak hoe

they f~ck with me
cause i’ll say some real sh~t
some real sh~t, that anybody f~ck with
no gun sh~t
these n~ggas really vibe with
these n~ggas know what im sayin on some real sh~t

i ain’t gotta do no gimmick and sh~t
i ain’t gotta fake gangs, murders, and sh~t
i just gotta be myself and then they f~ckin with it
i got these n~ggas gettin turnt when i change up the sh~t
i can change the tempo cause im versatile
i can do this and that in a different style
i can go to some rnb sh~t, to some hard rap
change it to some hard trap sh~t
i can have the bad shawtys out here twerkin and sh~t
made a song hands up now they twerkin to it
made another one rillo now they smokin to it
and then i previewed some sh~t and now they vibin to it

real sh~t these n~ggas on some real sh~t, real sh~t we on the money bag sh~t x2