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lirik lagu 800dmg – #800-anthem


[verse: vago]
stackin’ bread k!llin’ this
thirty shots we bound to win
if you want it you can get it
all my guys they really wid it
suckin’ on my f~ckin’ ys
ym they [?] ride
all my team they f~ckin’ hittas we ain’t got a lotta drillas
n~ggas snitchin’ who to trust
otbcdt us, dtg, abk we feb, faze gang (f~ck everybody man)
kicks just like lui kang
ball out i’ma make it rain (make it rain)
800 and young money
catch up you d~mn dummie (yes sir!)

[verse: nuke]
got polo in this b~tch with me
shout out to the bros man
800 young money 051 (you know how we rock)
i’m chasin’ that bag (bang bang) like i’m sellin’ dope
n~ggas sneak dissin’ but they don’t want no smoke (nah)
i’ll leave him scary (scary) like a horror movie
i only want your face b~tch you ain’t gotta do me (face gang)
i ain’t gotta blow, i just sent some hitters (bang bang)
big mike got the 30 (boom boom!) and he’ll leave a picture
my n~ggas assassins, they [?] tragic
and if you holdin’ that then we gon’ have to sn~tch it
shout out to the bros (800!)
800 [?] (young money 051)
you f~ck around with us guarantee you gettin’ f~cked (bang bang)
thirty spill like daffy duck, choppa his f~cking body up
b~tch i got shooters that shoot everybody up ([?] man)
let’s get it! (800 b~tch)