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lirik lagu 7wayjay – pieces clappin


gave my gma her meds
i took the wells fargo
keep a glock in me
it go where i go
you can always catch me
loadin up at the store
selling candy i was scamming
going door to door
homie said he g~y, called him jeb_
she ain’t top me down
so i f~cked her on the the floor
pieces clapping like a pair of ass cheeks
robbed the plug
then i had to hide for weeks
they ask what i use, told them mr.swipe
nutted on the treesh
had to go get a wipe
she gon keep coming
cause ik she love this pipe
yeah i love apples
only eat them when they ripe
i remember the first time
i learned how to scam
that sh~t took my family
out a real jam
pieces hittin like a group of drunk fathers
now b~tches chase me like it’s cops and robbers
510774, that’s the student refund bin
keep a fraud bible, but i still sin
took a hit to the heart, but i ain’t rin
don’t need no shawty, just got paypal
she just ate me up
drunk my milk by the gal
gave her validation just to boost her morale
blowing these clouds in the air, pascal
tbh my sh~t don’t rhyme
just scammed a black man
call that black on black crime
n~gga said he rich
now he askin for a dime
my dad is missin, but lookin for him
waste of time
they ask where i’m from
told them from the floss
never share my methods cus
i’m stingy with the sauce
told them to donate, but it’s just for my cause
imma eat her out, gotta take a dive
put my glock to his toddler
call that 9to 5
know i’m working hard cus a n~gga gotta strive
and dont f~ck around cus im posted with the 5