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lirik lagu 7toxicity7 – #longlivecalone


toxicity’s verse 1:

ayo, what the f~ck is this world that we live in
it’s all full of murder, drugs, and n~ggas gettin’ robbed left and right, fulla k!llin’
when a n~gga 16, and he chillin’
when yo n~gga gets murdered, and it’s thrillin’
ayo mikey, rest in peace you a legend (rip you a legend)
why dem legends gotta die
fill my head up wit lies
wit lies
you don’t gotta cry
you always gonna have to say goodbye
calone, you will always be remembered
got shot, feels unfair to be outnumbered
never ever forgotten, in our hearts, you will be treasured
f~ck life, stay surrendered

toxicity’s verse 2:

f~ck society
so f~cked up, i can’t deal with my anxiety
veins of loyalty, veins of rotyalty
2020, is this the end of humanity ?
this sh~t is so crazy, but i’m tryna keep my sanity
llc, let us pay our respects quietly (long live calone)
don’t let me fall, let me fall
i’m tryna hold my ground, and stand tall
so suicidal, i might blast my blood on the wall
don’t let me fall, let me fall
when it all turns depressed after nightfall
but may you rest in peace, that is above all