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lirik lagu 7teencloudy – stinch



haters, you know your job, hahaha


what the f~ck wrong with this n~ggas
gonna reverse with my sneakers
for me y’all soft as sleepers
but too hard for a feature
what i’m gon do in future
gonna strike a pose for a picture
stop fighting like b~tches
fighting for a man in tweeter×2

verse 1:7teencloudy

n~ggas les stop being stinch
and no man is an island
we got support each other like we been sleepin in the same bed
les treat each other like families
whenever you ill im gonna make sure that i get you somе pill
n~ggas come on, believе in me
whenever im in danger you gonna make sure that you gon cover me
i do respect y’all dawgs
les put our trust in god
family before hoes
even if we 4
evening we lock
speeches yeah we hot
never gonna let you fall
further notice you ma dawg
the voice are loud and soft
we moving through the smoke
i jus found a home for ma soul
really can’t make it alone
there are some millionaires
very careless in cash
don’t know what to do with them
the pain in ma heart and my back
the itch go deeper cannot scratch
really really hurtin oh yeah
feeling i’m having some fangs
god please cover my back
i don wanna live in past
yeah yeah yeah


verse 2:7teencloudy

borrow me cash, ill pay you
follow me then, we pray too
whole lotta shih is whole new
i know u broke i’m broke too
you know i jus bought new shoes
is pitty ain’t many they few
i was really trapped then flew
family, n~ggas, we crew
they worse, they worst, they screw
we curse, no verse, we new
landchash, no cap, stay loose
does trap, ain’t cash, ain’t two
busy tap, no rap, i’m cool
u hate still does u fool
n~gga know it all but he don know how to cook
n~gga put it all but still gonna loose
twitter, everthing i put em in ma mute
i was really trapped didn’t know what to do
get on ma knees start looking at the blue
n~gga remember when i asked for the clue
i jus wanted to be in da gloom
2k3 my year
the time when she bought me here
the time when she shered some tears
i’m grown right now i’m glad
never seen my self on dirt
really grew up in hurt
but had to let it go, in order to go hold on
the place of fear must go
the place of loss must go
the place of loss must go
the place of pain must go
the place of stinch must go
the place of tears must go
yeah yeah yeah