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lirik lagu 7smoke – broke smoke


[spoken word]

muted always even when i speak
i know the me that you seeing ain’t really me
a marionette yet i’m carrying the strings
i know these things
i believe in peace don’t you notice me
convey the key, don’t play with me
we did dirty things
i mean astray a day to be

[verse 1]

still here with positivity, y’all n~gga k!lling me
i been faced with opportunity
that why i’m in the building b
that’s why i’m into building things
i swear i love my fiends
that’s i love the broken queens, give them anything

my momma raisеd her a real man, stack it to the cеiling
if you never worked for yours, you ain’t get the dealings
you don’t know what’s really mayne
i never want the fame
maybe jus a silver chain, for my dollar and my dream
working for the big man, taking everything
i jus wanna speak my truth, now she wanna speak
cooped up in this d~mn room
rona let me breathe
i jus wanna
i jus wanna
murder everything
i jus wanna
i jus wanna
run sh~t wit my gang
i jus wanna
i jus wanna
spark the blunt n breathe
i jus wanna
we stall imma ball in a minute yea
thank god, imma star and a villain yea

[verse 2]
i guess she wants me now
yeah that’s my trending topic
while i’ve been breaking the crown open
just to make the profit
when in france, remember to break pants
a ceremonial dance for n~ggas without they ends
i’ve been push sh~t till my limit, that’s why my n~ggas feel it
i’m foreign blue up in the coupe i swear i grew up in it
and if we were kids maybe but i can’t even say it
i take marks from daisy, i’m more like kung fu baby
and if i had a single wish, i’d wish you n~ggas play me
i know it ain’t about a b~tch, cause today it’s raining
i like to say i miss a b~tch, but they constant to hate me
nah they fashion to bait me
while i sit and debate things
you think i’m tryna change a ship, but i’m cool with a d~nky
i think i might’ve changed a bit, but the pressure was taking
now who around, n’ who fade it
cause you was jumping to basic
they call me smokey la baby
i’m out here rolling for greatness