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lirik lagu 7sinclair – make it out


no one else is influential, y’all too worried ’bout credentials
i do not take this sh~t gentle, please stop playing with me
try to look past my potential, y’all don’t understand my mental
with them weak ass instrumentals, boy, i’m banging different
tell me what’s the difference, why y’all wanna act so ignorant?
live in superstition, y’all don’t ever see my vision
tell me who’s decision it was to come f~ck with 7
you gon learn ya lesson, don’t know who the f~ck you testing

[1st verse]
all this talk around the city, who’s the top dog?
i’m a wolf, evеrybody’s just some nah~ahs
watch your mouth, you gon end up with it chopped off
whеn i’m here, know i make the whole block hot
try and pull up on me, they gon blow you down
and i’m repping triple 7 ’till i’m in the ground
know they always feel my presence when i’m not around
no wonder when i make new friends, they never make a sound
say i’m flipping on them all ’cause i been sh~tting on ’em
put my worst against the best, i’m winning every round
i ain’t tripping on ’em, know that they be k!lling on ’em
hope they don’t k!ll me before i can go and make it out
i’ma make it out

(i’ma swear i’ma make it out, yeah, yeah)
i’ma make it out (i’ma make it out)
(yeah i’ma make it out, yeah, yeah)
[2nd verse]
i’ma make it out
man, i put that on my moms
i know some of y’all would think that sh~t is wrong
but i can’t do this sh~t without a purpose or a cause
something pushing me at all
i might never write a song or a verse
all these lines i’m writing ’bout me feeling lost
all these lines up from the cross
wish you would have taught me all
learning fast, don’t you see me? i’m a star
ain’t no money and no car
’bout to fix me in my heart
f~ck these drugs, as a man, i can only go so far
all the scars i got on me from my youth
every time i see them sh~ts, i think of you
8am, i’ve been on this sh~t since 10
’bout to tap so i can run this sh~t again