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lirik lagu 7sinclair – 777


[1st verse]
f~ck that, i ain’t on that lovey~dovey sh~t
i need more dollars, i need more s~x, i’m on that money hungry sh~t
i need more models, i need more cake, i need a hundred more of it
i don’t want all the tats on my neck, they always commented on it
please go worry ’bout yourself and not the opposition
go ‘head and run back to ya mama, tell her papa sent ya
i want all my diamonds in the right position
i told my family that i’m sorry but i’m on a mission
man f~ck the competition, under one condition
if you ain’t with me when this dropped, then you in the addition
if you ain’t with me then just stop with all the f~cking dissing
’cause when i make it to the top, you gon want ammunition
and i’m gon sеt it off, please don’t think i’m soft
just ’cause i sang, plеase don’t think that you won’t get washed
i keep that thang, what you mean? now i’m never flawed
i was 18 in the streets, i done seen it all, heard it all

i can’t see, yeah, smoke fogging my screen, yeah
made this beat, yeah, i feel like lil uzi, yeah
don’t know me, yeah, how much for them jeans, yeah
i got a new b~tch, i gave my old one to the streets, yeah

[beat switch]

[2nd verse]
they ain’t know i could do all of this, call it quits
a blunt and a bad b~tch is happiness, call it bliss
you can talk that sh~t all you want but i don’t ever miss
she can suck my d~ck all she want but i don’t ever kiss
it’s evident i was put here for our benefit
let’s settle it, they know your name but they don’t mess in it
that’s messy, you got them plays but they ain’t listening
them sh~t’s too dim, say them diamonds, they not glistening
they fake as sh~t, no relationship but baby you my favorite
information ’bout the sun, b~tch i created it
and i’m really from the south, no i ain’t faking it
i ain’t never made a vow that i can’t commit to
know they banging this
i ain’t had no sleep in two days, man i can’t resist
money come in more than two ways while i reminisce
got me looking ’round for new place, gotta stay consistent
so i’m writing this in the hopes that i got new days, that sound like a myth
for them days that was just too gray when i was a kid
and i know i could die today so i never trip