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lirik lagu 7heo – red on red freestyle


i’m getting cheese i’m getting that feta
hating ass n~gga he mad he fed up
need the whole thing you know i can’t settle
i put his b~tch on my schedule
gold on my neck like it came from a treasure
you ain’t got no water n~gga you a dessert
cop the whole pint you ain’t even gotta measure
driving a benz i’m off of a tesla
hoes gon’ choose like it’s an election
i ain’t in the mood to answer no questions
young n~ggas they ain’t got no direction
when you ain’t getting no check it’s depressing
i’m in the section you watch where you stepping
kicking sh~t w/ the gang like it’ was tekken’
having the gas like 7/11
if you trying to come up i got some methods