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lirik lagu 7hefinest – meditate


[verse 1]

yeah sometimes i feel like i’m loosing my brain i’m loosing the focus i’m loosing the way,past few weeks i tried to k!ll myself now i can’t sleep always putting ‘work i gotta make it a lot of weak people in my zone,they tryna steal my ladder to the top,they don’t know i can make it with no ladder 23 with no deal that’s real ‘seen a lot of hommies screwed by their labels now i’m on my feet i’m tryna keep the balance hustle on repeat like a dope song,tryna unfold my heart for this nice song just to spit the truth i just hit the blunt now i’m high,i’m looking at the moon i’m looking at the moon

i’m tryna meditate for this life x8

i’m tryna meditate x2

‘love to be alone (yeah)

[verse 2]

yeah sometimes i’m tempted to medicate my life was a mess but the music changed it ,back at the high school ‘was never average i did my grade 12 fighting demons,i did my best now i’m at the college im just doing great i tried to drop outta college for music man that period really changed my life,they say education is the system where i’m from it is what it is,all that matters we tryna make a living,if you tryna make a living better roll with people with the same vision as you, ‘talking ’bout people who work on their craft with passion ,’talking ’bout people who values progression ,’talking ’bout people who hate to regret



[denzel washington: talking about social media]