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lirik lagu 7981 kal – trap addict


[intro]: 2pac shakur
but you know what else? i don’t give a f~ck
i don’t give a f~ck about you. i don’t give a f~ck about steel
i don’t give a f~ck about raheem, either. i don’t give a f~ck about myself
look, i ain’t sh~t. i ain’t never gonna be sh~t and you less of a man than me, so as soon as i decide that you ain’t goin be sh~t, ~bang~!
so be it. you remember that, motherf~cker
‘cause i’m the one you need to be worried about

[verse 1]: 7981 kal
i dont no job im a trap addict
last week i got busted but im back at it
16 in the trap serving crack addicts
last year i made a k!lling off they bad habits
ayo dee grab the pyrex and the soda n~gga
throw that b~tch on the stove and lеts whip coke
i learned еverything i know from bro jd
he said hit it with that ice watch that b~tch float
cody call me every other day n~gga
he like kal i can’t wait till i get home
i said broodie what the f~ck can’t you wait for
he said he i miss my daughter they took that i got a play for him
you already know i’m sliding and i respect at it
broodie’s bought a tec and i’m dying to go test that
just hit his head you got a aim where his neck at
and i still be chilling on that block your mans got left at
[verse 2]: illy dee
i can’t leave the house without that big pole
all black hd on a glizmo
four deep four heats with those kids on
my n~ggas scoring back to back like its ping pong
steady shooting like like i’m kobe i’m a team player
mask up i dont care if i see neighbors
catch a smack do the dash like im speed racer
close range still attack you with that green lazer
hsm when we shoot b~tch we hit faces
only thing on the scene is them sh~ll cases
how you sprinting to that bag double tie laces
b~tch trying to suck d~ck so i let her face it
f~ck the traphouse i take her to my momma bas~m~nt
n~ggas out here ducking rap they ain’t gang banging
they ain’t out here busting traps, they ain’t dope slaying
im with your whole hanging, no time to argue i got no patience

[verse 3]: 7981 kal
police asking questions we dont answer them
big ass bullets climb your back like a tranchala
im like [?] what you got that k for
he said i need a body .223s and make them pay for it
im always gonna ride round with that glizzy on me
just incase an opp b~tch get a drizzy on me
i swear that will be the day i slap you with the k
that chopper lift you up and put you down this b~tch no mma
i dont got no job im a drill n~gga
go ahead and ask about me b~tch i k!ll n~ggas
big ass bullets hit your face how it feel n~gga
im a dog you a b~tch ain’t no real n~gga
16 i was out here on my gang sh~t i kept a stainless
hit his top make it painless
17 i caught cases got indited ain’t n0body post my bail i went to trial had to fight it n~gga