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lirik lagu 7,62jess – babytalk


explain to me why you`re writing ”goo”?
do you want to show me you’re cool
just learn be olay with it
after all,there is nothing wrong with that
if you’re ashmed then don’t look
moreover,know how hard it will be for you to live in this world
if you knew what that means to me,it’s the fear of losing my mind
she comments as she wants,so tell me why you writing this?
learn to express yourself correctly,but be polite and think before writing something
as you don’t understand ~~~~~ ~~~~, i don`t understand you either
doesn’t considr bother you?or you don’t havе it?
just consider my words
making fun of someoe is stupid
don’t bе fooled by pack
i`m only 174,but i seem above of you
because i understand,you cannot laugh at others
and this my advantage
first say atleast a phrase from 8:34,knowing that it will be publicy heard and than writing not forget about flow
well than we all talk