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lirik lagu 719 baby – forgive me


we had these long didtance wishes
her tears tears drippin
i know were the love going something unforgiving
oh boy he not done dirty sippin
swervin to smomething worth while
let you forget about her for a while
head spinnin for diffrient reasons
we just did not work out oh well
but imma stay strong
god d~mn these feeling really burnrin up

but i need you right know
for what its worth i hope your proud
im still hurt but ill be me
ima do what i do
why you lie to me
said that you cried for me
sip some lean to get my min offf of you
all these uncomfortable feelings
but f~ck my mood
times are changing but i guess we cool
in the beging i was a fool
lost my mind chain after you
but know i see a diffrint meeting tho

father plese forgive me ~2
1 cup 2cup 3cup now im faded
red and blue pills im off in the matrix
but live it up for the ones who ain’t made it