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lirik lagu 717phxntom – no hook


(yuh, yuh, yuh)
there’s some people that say i won’t make it
look at me now, i’m only going up (aye)
when you at the bottom, i get all the love
it’s cause i never set on giving up
imma keep going so hard in the booth (yuh)
and i only speak real sh~t, that’s truth
i no longer need yo charity
cause i be making moves (aye)
gotta focus on the important things
being down so long, it’s torturing
i don’t wanna be the only apple on the tree, when all the others are falling to the ground (falling to the ground)
imma keep on making beautiful sounds
please do not stay giving up on me now (aye)
i swear i’m never gonna let you down (yeah)
but that’s not a promise so please hear me out

we can only live for now
i can’t make promises if i can’t carry it out
i just need someone next to me
i can’t do this all alone
i know you don’t really trust me
i can hear that sh~t in yo tone
i don’t trust n0body no more
cause people fail you like a bad grade (aye)
getting tired of these bad days
cause a bad year makes a bad change
and this time like the last time
cause you say you changed, that’s a fat lie (that’s a fat lie)
i don’t wanna be the bad guy
but i’m kidding, know what you did to lie (yuh)
i’m just tryna reach my goals
but you got me hanging to a tight rope (aye)
got the stick out like a blindfold
god, don’t wanna use it, but your pressure it getting too old
when i first heard music, i already knew that i wanted to do it
but i never thought that i would gain the confidence to grow up and pursue it