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lirik lagu 704 prod – tip toe


i’m a big fish and y’all minnows
i stand on my ego i’m 6’4’
she open that mouth like a hippo
she matching my nasty like sickos
how he gon’ sleep me? his fists feel like pillows
he said there’s my addy, lil boy that’s from zillow
lil b~tch said she love me, man i just say ditto, huh
she tryna f~ck me like heroes
she gotta have a fat booty and tiggos
you n~ggas stay sweet like you some churros
i swear to god i made all of you n~ggas
i said that sh~t ’cause y’all some zeroes
i got dynamic like aero
you don’t got no shooters, boy, you cl!ck arrows
shorty tried to play like i’m stupid and call me baby, n~gga, like i’m a year old
just blocked shorty, girl i don’t need you, uh
d~mn, just took her out for seafood, huh
that’s two hoes, now i need to refuel, huh
lil e~n~ggas, we not equals, huh
yo og still drink gfuel, huh
don’t sleep n~gga this ain’t preschool, huh
you don’t got bars, why should i free you, huh?
boy mad i made my bands all legal, huh
pockets touch my ankles, b~tch call me kevin hart
he want that smoke, i’ma let it spark
shorty in my dm’s begging to get me off
hoe want them legs to get spread apart
boy, i’m too unique, there’s only one “i”
b~tch, call me fetty wap
called my ex out for watching me in my story, how she dm me after and said she not?
well she really said she don’t care
she said my songs don’t sound fair
i smell opp pack in the air
hoe want me back, that ain’t rare
new opp pack in the air, this gas or what?
she still would’ve cheat if i ain’t gas her up
i could pull a b~tch who really bad as f~ck
tryna get like durk, but this cash enough
stay out my dms ’bout rap and stuff
don’t hit me up unless it’s to smash and stuff
i don’t like you, i like that ratchet b~tt
great, you got help. i don’t give half a f~ck
hit me up after we passed some months
man, f~ck up out my face, the damage done
i know you miss me girl, don’t cap and stunt
and your new n~gga ugly and fat as f~ck
only 21, got my own studio
i’ma be 30 copping new movie roles
with a b~tch with a booty like rubi rose
when i hit it, put my thumb in her bootyhole
post a gun, you don’t know how to shoot it though
get a b~tch p~ssy wet like some scuba clothes
i done took a lotta ls, i ain’t losing though
n~ggas gotta tip toe ’cause they shoes is old