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lirik lagu 704 prod – perignon


shawty you fine wine
open them legs up, it’s dine time
i’ma show you a nice night
you ever been to the night life?
where them buildings too high for the skyline
yea shorty get dressed right now ’cause i’ma slide by
i’ma pick you up around like nine
i’ma show you a nice time
my n~ggas out for the weekend
we ‘gon take shots like drivebys
my tolerance ain’t too high now, drunk and tipsy got a fine lines
don’t you worry ’bout that payment
my wallet thick as a haitian b~tch eating some lambi up with some white rice
but lets take a look on the bright side
let’s take a look on the bright side
yo, lets make a deal. you get unlimited sushi platters
in return i get unlimited p~ssy after
we ain’t even undressed, shorty tryna push me backwards
we burning time ’cause i think we seeing some movie after
which one?
don’t know, don’t care
as long as we both there
yea she fine n~gga don’t stare
how she walk up in that gucci, she choose between both pairs
no hoochie and no wear
thick booty, it’s moving
don’t tear them valentinos
downtown supposed to be packed, we cruising to go there
we going a hundred on them tolls. give f~cks about no fare
our watches both bluetooth, don’t tell me we don’t pair
hoes mad but i don’t care
i got that secret to success but i’m stingy, i won’t share
these hoes all on my block list so friendly out nowhere
i see your secret motives
don’t try it b~tch, don’t dare
no swears, you miss me, huh?
(you miss me, huh?)
swear to god, don’t tempt me, huh
we’ll switch roles and i’ll surely make you resent me, huh
you’ll regret it for ever trying to set me up
look past me up in that volvo
look back in slow~mo when i pass you up in that bentley, huh
man i was starving when you met me, huh?
now i’m hardly clenching a benjie, huh
my shawty s~xy, my car expensive, who set me up?
you hoes ignored me and now you can hardly get me, huh?
i must be laundering, call up twelve to arrest me, huh
see my success and then start to think its deceptive
like how you f~ck me over and i still came up on top of them blessings, huh?
my prayers was on hold, god just opened the message, huh
you always stalking my posts like a forum
i see you dm, delete it after i read it, huh
i meant it if i said it, huh
been said this my profession
it just needed time to age like fine wine up on that dresser, huh