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lirik lagu 7 octoberz – the light


the light:
find a way to see the light again

verse 1:
it’s hard to see a way a out when your inside a hole
the only way out is on your own
not everything said is carved in stone
never give up stay in your some
challenges will help you grow
don’t ever lose your glow
follow your goals
stay true to your soul
you’re in control
don’t be afraid of the unknown
learner that a long time ago
don’t live in a shadow
just cuz your scared to be alone
we hold the keys to the throne!

verse 2:
have you ever been 6ft under?
things getting darker
left in a dark tunnel
fighting my troubles, it’s been a struggle
so many things to juggle
bottling up emotions in a puddle
but you came out stronger
found the light now you can walk on water!
never underestimate the power of your mind
you can do anything jus give it time
after the storm you will rise
the wise one’s never die
we always survive
we are born to thrive!