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lirik lagu -7+ (minusevenplus) – it’s a party


who’s that big ole freak inside with a blue mask
leaning on the wall and drinking out of his flask
eyes all on his phone as if he got a new task
he looks likes he doesn’t even wanna be here
he looks as if he just wanna f~cking disappear
he walk to bar and order’s a martini with a cup henny
then the girl next to me she said


he’s gonna mix his darky with that mother f~cking whitey
he’s gonna walk round the f~cking flex looking that feen called whitney
he’s gonna be starting sh~t in the party like he f~cking fifty
having p~ssy n~ggas stuck in the f~cking place like my n~gga itachi
smoking on the gas got my eyes looking very f~cking demoniii
ain’t no tripple six
only seven seven up in this f~cking place here
now i feeling very risky i might pop a half xannnnny
but imma chill on that cause then i’ll get to f~cking sleepy

freaky little thoty
twerking on all everybody
ask for her name she said her parents call her kiki
said i want her number but she said she had somebody
she left me all alone and now she’s dancing on his body
i don’t give a f~ck bout that b~tch name kiki
and i got a new b~tch and her name mary
and she get me high like r kelly in the 90’s
take a f~cking hit got you flying country
all that f~cking booze got me feeling all rowdy
but i gotta chill cause my vision kinda blurry
cause i’m shoving them like i’m in a f~cking hurry
now they want the smoke like a mother f~cking chimney
now they gonna beat me like that n~gga rock lee
but they can’t do that cause i gotta cheat sheet
n~ggas in the back um yeah they don’t leave me
they’ll put you under yeah in the concrete
think they kinda scared now b~tch can you leave me
i don’t feel like me so i grab the henny
now i’m dancing by myself in the party