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lirik lagu 5th wave theory – camera trick


verse1 (migo)
lahat sila’y tingin sa akin ay batang masayahin
cause every time my people see me walking down i’m always laughin
cracking jokes every time i get the timing always trippin
expressing my feelings always pabiro but never lying
about, how i feel, i’m always keepin it real
pero i don’t know how to deal with my problems you know the drill
at kahit na i’m always happy there’s a camera trick
to every joke that i throw it’s combined with a hitch
and when my days are turning cold, everything you see is bold
but you can’t differentiate why the mold is cold
i’m turning old, hit the road, go and find the perfect role
picture me my misery is a mystery to me you know?
it’s like i’m looking at my salamin to face the truth
para bang nag rereflect ako i’m looking for the proof
and behind my every smile, may nakabalikat na curse
it’s not the worst, you know i’ll still be happy because

chorus (thyro)
every time the curtain closes on me i ain’t the guy you’ve always known,
you don’t know that behind of this hat worn low i’m tryna hide the tears that
flow from my eyes… i’m tryna hide the pain i feel in my smile.
stay tuned for another episode, be back for another show
but it means another sequel that’s sick of another camera trick
camera trick, camera trick, camera trick, camera trick
camera trick, camera trick, camera trick, camera trick

verse2 (aj)
you could see me flyin’ high, every time i’m p-ssin’ by.
you could hear me laughin’ loud but you could see it in my eyes
deep inside, you could see the hatred and the sorrow
now don’t be surprised because i got this laughter that i borrow
from my friends and my family, take a look of what’s inside of me
what the h-ll is goin on, ask me what the h-ll is happening
to my life, what is that, that ain’t real because i lied
about the things and what i do and what you think you see is right
see the light, black and white. can’t find the answers out of sight
talking bout my happy endings but i’m still killing this fight
am i right, am i wrong, i see it as i write this song
sorry mom, sa lahat hindi ko kasi magaw-ng
sabihin ang totoo, hangang ngayon nalilito
bakit ba lahat ng tao di tugma sa sasabihin ko
ngiti nalang, sige na para lang matapos
you could see me smiling like the moon, but i was only trying cause

chorus (thyro)

verse3 (i.r.a)
i put on a mask everyday to portray
a semblance of perfect with this role that i’ve learned to play
see, i never show emotion so i’m hoping that
people close to me would understand what i’m going through
it’s a shame that no one notices, they’re focus is
on outside sh-t but most of it is bogus sh-t, not close to it
(being) genuine’s my medicine, my kryptonite for every fight
i’m finding trouble to express my emotions – it’s a mess
i confess and yes, my life’s bittersweet i guess
my pride has put me to a test
call it divine intervention when i mention
whatever this life brings to me is intentional
beneath this facade i project is a man with regret, but yet
nagpipigil ng emosyon dahil mapride padin ngayon
mga relasyon kong nabaon, sana hindi nalang ganun
my life ain’t a flick, it’s a camera trick