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lirik lagu 5th flow – how bout them cowboys


yeaaaahhh! -laughs-
you know what it is
5th flow forever baby
we out here getting our jerry jones on
ballin outrageous (how bout them cowboys)
nah mean
i think ima get me a stadium
call it supreme stadium
inviting all the ladies

how bout them cowboys
cowboy livin
crown royal sippin
two pep rally -laughs-
and they ain’t even trippin
how bout them cowboys
ballin like i’m jerry jones
cowboy like jerry jones
in the sky box, jerry jones
money team, jerry jones

ok it’s primetime when i hit the corner
i run my city i’m the owner
don’t make me have to jerry jones ya
better my speakers leave you in a coma
cause they hit like demarcus ware
naw playa ain’t no parking there
you know them cars they boys in blue
ain’t nothing but stars in there
so we chop chop the block
make them bops stop and watch
roger staulbach wouldn’t p-ss
witout wanting to stop the clock
it don’t matter if it cost a lot
why you think i gotta floss i’m hot
just give me a bottle of ya most expensive
and i’m gonna pop the top
so you know i get my jerry on
supreme aka jerry jones
not worried about getting money
cause partner my money is very long
so you know i get my jerry on
supreme aka jerry jones
i’m putting it down for my city
and counting them dollars on every song


rich white in that skybox
cowboys when i roll up
bank vault, bowtie
rich in my in my loafers
we coming after that ring (richard)
running over your team (richard)
balling like i’m j. jones
rich rich like i’m j. jones
money team heavy
custom candy painted chevy
you see my caprice
richard do it for team
indoor pool, outdoor pool
floor seats at that mayweather
i rep that navy blue, silver, white
powder white, that’s montana
i’m rich white, bruce wayne, d. trump, j. jones
i write checks, i run
directly into that endzone
i’m rich white, e. smith, m. irving, j.jones
i write checks, i run
directly into that endzone
get them hands up
rep yo set
you in that metroplex
get it wrong, s.o.s
this that city boy
where them girls country
oh yeah they smokin hot
just to put it bluntly
and yeah we wild boy
we don’t endorse cowards
they call us cowboys
cause we got that horse power
vrooom p-ss yo grandma ma (un huh)
look at that car go
slab, cab, jag, dag
everyday’s a car show (ha)
it’s los magnificos (yezzir)
we fly on any coast (yezzir)
we taught you how to dougie (yezzir)
teach me how to snow (yezzir)
cause we so hot
we got that dope spot
once you visit you gone miss it
ha, no shot