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lirik lagu 5h0ckw4v3 – voices


[intro: 5h0ckw4v3]

[chorus: 5h0ckw4v3]
at night, the fight, continues on inside my head
visions of life, the time, continuous
i don’t know how, one day i’ll end up dead
at night the fight, continues on inside my head

[verse 1: 5h0ckw4v3]
shadows on the wall, what do we have left?
take anymore, i’ll be drowning in regrets
i don’t know if i can take this any longer
one day, we’ll have, n0body left

[verse 2: xxxtentacion]
slicin’ on the p-ssy like a battle axe, uh
got bigger -ss than a cadillac, uh
n-ggas blind to drip, they got cataracts
f-cked my baby momma on a muh’f-ckin’ yoga mat, uh
hunnid phone, hunnid phone, backtrack
laughing at these n-ggas like i’m muh’f-ckin’ flapjack, uh
i don’t f-ckin’ gamble, f-ck blackjack
school of rockin’ n-ggas like i’m motherf-ckin’ jack black, uh (yuh, yuh)