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lirik lagu 59 times the pain – we’re still around


we’re still around doing things the way we always have
we’re here to stay whether you like it or not
call us retro, call us anything you like
there ain’t no way we’ll ever give in
that’ll never be

some people change that’s a fact of life
a thing that’ll always be
some people try but don’t see it through
and then tend to drift away

thought we we’re gone we’re still around
we stayed hardcore we’re still around

we’re still around doing the one thing we do best
caused by the simple fact of it all
that we love it!
you’ll never understand how much this means to us
it’s so much more than what meets the eye

did you stay? or did you change and then tend to drift away
did you stay? you know that we’ll always remain hardcorepunx
did you stay? i’m asking you m-th-f-cker did you stay?
did you stay? cause you know that we’re still around