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lirik lagu 570jv – get back


the b-ss it might just blow out ya speakers
won’t give no love to no tweakers
this b-tch in love but i do not need er
i am not looking for keepers
so just get on ya knees devour the d-ck like you eating dominos pizza
i ain’t got none to prove i’m never gon lose b-tch i earned my stripes like a zebra
they said jv too hot i’m running these tracks they thinking that i got a fever
roll a wood for the pain i’m smoking on sour can’t focus think i got amnesia
told my city i’m next ain’t wanna help out i swear i ain’t have no believers
come and look at me now i’m doing these shows up next ima do the arenas
i had to get back
not wit the chitchat
223’s knocking ya sh-t back
being broke i don’t miss that
im at this kickback
texting my phone where his b-tch at
whats her name yeah i hit that
he want his b-tch back
she was just throwing that sh-t back
kick her out i don’t miss that
she want this d-ck back
quick hi and bye i don’t kiss that
stop capping boy you ain’t a shooter
you ain’t ever wanna blow a n-gg- medulla
i use to pull up on a scooter
now it’s a foreign ain’t doing no uber’s
ya girl just said you a loser
spent the night wit me she said that i’m cooler
i would never argue on computers
gang don’t trust you you know they gon shoot you
you know that i got that pack around me
i’m the trending topic better ask about me
feel like young ma i got the strap around me
still could beat a n-gg- like i’m ronda rousey(x2)
i had to take a lil break
was used to hot pockets ain’t ever eat steak
cooking up got a lot on my plate
might book a flight and just leave out the state
retro 1s and my hoodies is bape
i’m not in my feelings f-ck i look like drake
he saving hoes might as well get a cape
we don’t love these b-tches ain’t going on dates