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lirik lagu 555_ashley – memory


yeah, yeah, yeah~eah
yeah, yeah, yeah~eah
yeah, yeah, yeah~eah
yeah, yeah, yeah~eah

every insecurity, it do not mean sh~t to me
because it is you i adore
and babygirl, i hope you come in history
can’t let these n~ggas get to me
[?] if you, i [?]
every memory is searchin’ for a new time
every thing was in my face and i was so blind
i told myself “why can’t i just be one of those guys?”
i just meet some fakes, so i’m talkin’ to the most high
real n~gga sh~t, n~ggas not how they seem like
real n~gga sh~t, i’m goin’ up and n~ggas seem tight
nowadays i walk around, i feel like i got three eyes
remember seein’ through the whole scene, i was knee~height
you get what you want, and i get what i want
b for the b~tches, same b~tches i put my n~ggas on
i ain’t had no plan b, me and a had to get along
i was sixteen, everyone in the room sippin’ strong
but you know i’ma leader, my mentality really strong
if you ever diss me, then n~gga, you know you really wrong
remember b~tches dubbed me, now all these b~tches, they see my songs
i done had some feelin’s, i took ’em all to the studio
i done seen some thotties, i took ’em all to my video
if i let you use your phone, shawty better not take no videos
i don’t give a f~ck if your friends heard me all up on the radio
yeah, on the radio, that’s the way to go
gotta be yourself, lil’ n~gga, that’s the way to grow
they gon’ try put you down but you got stay afloat