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lirik lagu 5400 dylan – no stylist!


pull up i’m in the function
rollin the stank no onion
running it up no rugby
off of da x i’m floating
the block is hot
the feds is hot
i put the lean on the rocks
bad bih poking it out
breitling on my watch
freaky bih gotta mislead lead her
my plug from argentina
i know they wanna be us
10k won’t swipe dem visas
i love how i’m livin
havin no feelin
all da coupes is tinted
my shoes a pretty penny
11s to be specific
i’m f-ckin yo hoe
s/o 2 float
made dat off da slope
yo bih won’t leave me alone
i need 10k for a show
smoking dat gas don’t smoke no mid
hit a l!ck go cash at fifths
you coppin g’s we coppin zips
5 for 10 we doin flips
don’t want no -ss just give me lip
5400 shooters rugersssss shootin at anybody movin
she all in my ear like music
these n-ggas they rich on computers
she got a nice ahh
i dip n smash
i’m right to mf mula
she callin my jack we booed up
i put 10 bricks ina uber
50 on 50
ride w the semi
i fell in luv the benjis
no. 9 jeans
patek phillipe
500 just for my jeans
i’m up i’m off of this bean
my stylist f-ck da free
my eyes is low chinese
catch me rolling deep
25 shooters w me
sippin hennessy