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lirik lagu 50caliburr – tired


i need some sleep (i’m mf tired)
i need some sleep (i’m mf tired)
i need to sleep (i’m mf tired)
i need to sleep (i’m mf tired)

i. need. to rest, my, m~th~~f~ckin head

{verse 1}
i been up for 4 days and 4 nights, all i ate was lo mein and fried rice, balmains need a cleaning (the dry type), bought some gucci’s in a rush, they too tight, shawty bad, but she paler than bud light, said she wanna get a tan (the sun type), shawty tryna catch a flight but dat rona, hittin everybody like it’s a gunfight
(woah, wait) wait a second lemme switch da flow, b~tches think they irreplaceable, b~tch it’s eeny, meeny, miny, mo
f~ck her and her momma then it’s blockiana catch a thotiana
by the toe, dripped up in designer so they tryna holla
different story from when i was broke

different story now my pockets big, b~tches tellin me they want my kids
but imma make her forehead babysit
stay out my mentions ion owe you sh~t
on my d~ck is where yo hoe can sit
i tried to holla and she ho’d the kid
but now she send me double texts an sh~t

woah, wait, oh, okay, oh, wait
don’t call me lil b~tch you too late
oh, ey, i wonder why n~ggas they hate
i’m puttin food on my plate
an i ain’t involved wit da ye