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lirik lagu 504 boyz – we gon ride


intro: (master p)
yeah n-gg-, don’t let this rap sh-t fool ya
i just like to play the backfield… but ya know what
we even mo’ dangerous wit’ money… we like the taliban n-gg-
the new no limit is an army and we gonna ride til’ we die

[chorus x2]: krazy
y’all n-gg-s wanna hate on me (on me)
my soldiers time to die for me (for me)
hold ya guns to the sky (sky)
the new no limit we gon’ ride (ride)

[verse 1]: choppa
i’m like a fiend when he’s cracked out beggin’ for mercy
on my knees, baby jesus, please don’t hurt me
all the lies i done took in this world of mine
snortin’ c-ke, feelin’ like i’m walkin’ through time
open my casket at my funeral, i see my face
i’m like richard prior, wonderin’ why, i had to be based
it’s all a dream but i still, i can feel the bullets
lookin’ at this young n-gg- that had the nuts to pull it
no remorse, for me, i can feel a head wound
the room is cold, in there, i can see my tomb
i see my son and my daughter and they cryin’ with tears
heaven or h-ll, a real n-gg- don’t show no fear

[chorus x2]

[verse 2]: master p
to my n-gg-s in the pent. i feel your pain
and to my n-gg-s in the street we still strapped and chained
middle fingers up to new orleans
i hope c and mac get a motherf-ckin’ pardon
i’m on the block thuggin’ with my n-gg-s gettin’ paper
i don’t give a f-ck about you hoes or you haters
cp3 is what a n-gg- f-ckin’ rep g
double x-l y’all hoes don’t wanna test me
cuz i ride wit’ my n-gg-s, i roll wit’ killas
i’m a thug ’til i die, smoke weed, make scrillas (uggh!)
it’s the new no limit we gon’ scream it
n-gg- don’t say it if you don’t f-ckin’ mean it
cuz i’m a thug, my daddy he’s a thug
my son gon’ be a thug, and i’ma die a thug

[chorus x2]