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lirik lagu 500 miles to memphis – broken, busted, bloody


sitting in a mustang she does a line of cocaine
not thinking about the future, just thinking about the past
the letter says invited and we would be delighted to throw back a few with you
tonight it’s on
baby’s gone
well she’s been spending all her time just thinking about the love she lost many years ago
but she aught to know that she can p-ss the next eight bars
and find nothing but booze and pain and heartache on the way

got a broken car with a busted wheel, got a bl–dy hand that won’t heal
that’s my best excuse

well i didn’t say i’m past that point of caring about you anymore
but something’s got to give
if you’re going to live up to the good times that you promised me
i know that i’m not going to be around for very long
i get tired of sitting on this barstool thinking about you