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actions in halls!
abiola emanuel

one respects a learning environment by being quiet, possibly sitting upright and being respectful. it is quite vital to the cl-ssroom setting that students be attentive and punctual to this setting. a very simple way to respect the learning process is to e active in cl-ssroom activity (i.e. partaking in discussion, leading peers positively and of course doing work promptly and correctly).
i could have possibly disrespected your learning environment today on 12/20/06 by being loud in the hallway. while i don’t think my actions were just, i also do not feel i completely disrespected the learning process. the altercation was wrong on both my part and the other party (who was not punished for the actions so i won’t put they’re name out there). while it “takes two to tango”, i understand that i have to be responsible for my acts.
in the future i will leave all loud ignorant conversations away from ms. sterling’s cl-ssroom. for the reason that it is not worth my time type this paper, especially over such a petty topic which could have easily been prevented. also in the future i will go directly to lunch after 3rd hour so i don’t even see anyone to talk loudly to.