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lirik lagu 50 cent – this is murder not music


i’m on a hard bench, tryna’ sleep in the pen
man, how the f-ck did i get here again?
first thing in a morning, it’s the f-ck sh-t
they called the case, i got confronted by a tough snitch
he told me do it, 1 click, you ain’t tell me to do it
you ain’t a shooter, you a sherm n-gg-, you f-ckin’ loser
i fly a kite, my little man cut his sister up
he loves his b-tch, you sn-tch her, he’ll start switching up
i’m cool, i just wait for my next court day
i bet he catch amnesia, then do this sh-t at leisure
surrounded by blood, crips, kings, and yetis
gym stars open n-gg-s up like barettas
i’m tryna’ be easy
but every now and then i gotta put it in, please believe me
you get to looking at me strange, i’m prepared jack
or buck 50, keep the change he can wear that

this is murder this is not music
i had your style 10 years ago
i just didn’t use it
you n-gg-s forgot how i do it
well i do it like there’ nothin’ to it

ye, all i’mma do is this. i’mma keep countin’ money
i don’t give a f-ck if it make you sick to see a n-gg- win
i’mma make you watch me win over and over again
you already know what it is with me motherf-cker
this year, godd-mn it, you motherf-ckers is making me lose count man
gotta start this sh-t over, i’m licking my fingers
i’m gettin’… i got 100 dollar bills, for real n-gg-
all i’mma do is this man. you hear that sound in the background?
i’mma do this sh-t till my thumb get tired
i’mma take a break when i get past your momma house n-gg-
when i count more than your momma house
i’mma take a break. [?] hand me that money over there
what we gon’ do? all year long. it’s back to 50, you already know
get the money, and shut the f-ck up
watch me do what i’m doin’, cause n-gg-s can’t stop nothin’ that i’m doin’, nothing i’m doing. right after you get in the way
we gon’ start shooting again like it’s nothing changed
we went through that whole “k-mbaya my lord
let’s be friends by the fire”. it’s over n-gg-
back to the script, you know how this sh-t go
how much is that? oooh, if you could see me right now
i got a alligator on n-gg-!
you, you think it should go different? see that’s where you go wrong
when you think… who the f-ck asked you to think n-gg-!?
now you think that, writing comments and tweeting
and your hashtags and… you know what the f-ck you do n-gg-
let me do what i do.