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lirik lagu 50 cent – round here (sessions @ aol) [dvd]


[50 cent]
it ain’t good to good in front of n-gg-s in the hood, right.
it ain’t good to good in front of n-gg-s in the hood, right.
everybody know that

[verse 1]
doin good in front of n-gg-s in the hood cause problems
tre, trade pounds and (?)
i hate when hoes get on some loudmouth sh-t
your man gangsta? me too
go on and get em b-tch
i just bought new toast to spit
next n-gg- gettin gully gettin laid out quick
where ever rich touchin n-gg-s is gettin hurt
cause a broke n-gg- always down to put it in work
don’t run up on me, i don’t know you n-gg-
so what you bought my cd, i don’t owe you n-gg-
i know you love the way the goutti beat b-mp
got you license plate rounds and all over your trunk
don’t confuse these trucks with my style dog
i’m from queens but i’m mother f-ckin b.k. hard
i sound like i move bricks uptown
more like a thug from the bronx who stay with a 4 pound
shook n-gg- (shook n-gg-, shook n-gg-)
i’m a guiness book n-gg-

[chorus 2x]
we don’t play that p-ssy sh-t round here
you can get your f-ckin wig split down here
don’t rep where you come from too much around here
you can get your f-ckin cap filt

[verse 2]
if i can’t get my gun in the club, why whould i come in the club
so them n-gg-s i done stuck up could cut me he f-ck up, nah
i’m outside to jump off in a benz jeep
4 deep strapped with all kinds of heat
n-gg-s think they want beef
they don’t want beef
they find from somebody that love playin in the street
when you rap, keep it gangsta dog it’s all good
just don’t go coppin that shyt in the wrong hood
but i’m from the young boy, come and try ya n-gg-
sh-ll will make ya feel like your on fire n-gg-
if you thinkin we thristy ’cause, we right
we lookin at your watch and chain like that’s a s-type
murder sayin don’t play 50 in the club
last time it came n-gg- tore the shyt up (what)
i don’t where you from and i don’t care
but n-gg- we don’t play that p-ssy sh-t round here

[chorus 2x]

[verse 3]
(spanish talkin)
no ingles, no ingles, mother f-ckers will shoot ya
the latin kings don’t like me, i don’t care
we don’t talk that mida mida bullsh-t round here
man, i done so much dirt in the hood
n-gg-s heard i got shot they was all sayin good (do it for em)
f-ck ya’ll, ya aint got to like me
i’m gettin knocked,ya’ll n-gg- aint got to like me
i’m on the same bullsh-t i been on
it’s the same bullsh-t ya n-gg-s need to get on
ya sh-t sound too commercial
come cruisin through the hood mother f-ckers will hurt ya
you shouldn’t them flash jewels
cause n-gg-s will run up on ya if that’s true
they want your money, the watch, and you tenis shos
i aint gotta tell ya not to move
ya know the rules