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lirik lagu 50 cent – overnight celebrity freestyle


[talking: 50 cent]
yeah man…
f-ck the hood man
f-ck that, i’ve been trying to get away from that motherf-cker for a long time.
i’m happy y’all n-gg-z is mad man.
your frown makes me smile… hahahaha
c’mon, y’all n-gg-z know me man
it is what it is man
like i said “ya’ll know me”

[rapping: 50 cent]
i be on the scene
on the lean in the benz and bently when i come through your strip
every trip if i flip i get the grip
i can go to the dealership and buy me a new whip
take flips, new kicks, g 6, new tricks, that b-tch can suck on my d-ck
g unit is the clique and a sucka can’t flip that’s why you feelin me b-tch n-gg-s hate from a far, but they don’t come around when they know how a n-gg- get down
plus a n-gg- move around with a long tre pound
and won’t hesitate to let off 6 rounds
when your -ss get hit, when you in deep sh-t, f-ckin wit me that’s what you get
now you lipped, you get zipped, you can get yo baby momma caught up in this bullsh-t
goin against me’s a no-no, n-gg-s goin loco, but i try to stay on the low do
gangsta fo sho everytime a n-gg- flow and n-gg- bank account grow and get mo dough’

“southside, g unit” – repeats in the background
[talking: 50 cent]
n-gg-z must be crazy man
any style, anything man
i do this man
this is real man
i can’t even help it man, you know what the f-ck it is man
y’all n-gg-z made me like this anyways man
know what i mean?
so really it’s like your fault your starving right now, you know what i’m saying?
cause if it woulda been easy for me, i woulda made it easy for you
you know what i mean?
so now you gotta do it the hard way, you know what i mean?