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lirik lagu 50 cent – good to be a gangsta


chorus (50 cent)
d-mn, it’s good to be a g-g-gangsta. m-th-f-cka it’s good to be a g-g-gangsta.
verse 1 (50 cent)
gangsta with b-tches. n-gg-s can’t f-ck with my riches. i beat you if i find you f-ckin with my b-tches. i beat you if you with some snitches. ricky ross ain’t no gangsta. weezey ain’t no gangsta. kiyeezey ain’t no gangsta. them some w-nksta. i’m a gangsta cause you can’t jock my sh-t. lately i ain’t made no hit. i carry my gun with me. i’m like jhon cena, ya’ll can’t see me. em found me and trained my style. my gun was full but now whats full is my file. when i made candy shop i was hip. but when i made i get money ya’ll flip. now i’m back and ya’ll be p-ssed. but who’s up next jadakiss.
verse 2 (jadakiss)
be by my side. i’ma let them gangstas ride. don’t f-ck with the westside. that’s how one of my n-gg-s died. i’m from the hood. the gangsta life is good.