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lirik lagu 50 cent – bodegas


[fifty talkin’ to someone]
aight, check this sh-t out, ya’ll n-gg-s gon’ stay in the car, i’m’a go
right over here and see somethin’, gimme ten minutes, if i don’t come
out, ya’ll come in, the money stays in the car ’till i say
so…….aiyo, whattup whattup, man, this is what ya’ll n-gg-s is
workin’ wit’ for 22 cents a gram?

man, when i come up in here treat me like i’m fam
i could go uptown and get this sh-t for 16 cents a gram
bottom line is, man, i gotta cop and go
i got a spot and i can’t afford to stop the flow
poppi, what the f-ck is the matter wit’ ya man?
standin’ against the wall with a gun in his hand
i ain’t on no funny sh-t i’m on some get this money sh-t
every four days in pa i move another brick
according to the da i sold dope in va
my crew stay in queens but my plates say va
i’ll show you where i rest at, it aint hard to find me
let me buy a brick and get the other on cossimy
(hey, this life is hard man) i know, don’t remind me
if i catch another case i’ma kill guiliani
it ain’t even safe to sell a pack at night
got task ridin’ ’round the projects on mountain bikes

ny ain’t the same, it’s ot playa
you can go and cop c-ke from the corner bodega
hit the highway and take it to a town near you, and get that money man,
get that money man. [repeat]

[fifty singing]
now, if you come to 1-3-4 and i’m not around
that means i copped and i went outta town
you mothaf-kkas know how i get down
about my money man, about my money man.