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lirik lagu 5 chinese brothers – williamsburg


tom meltzer

there’s a cold rain pouring off the williamsburg bridge
the world’s giving way beneath my feet
someone once said that you’re lucky when you’re dead
you know sometimes i agree

they’re sweeping hot bottle caps onto the street
there’s a boy about 16 staring down
with a sick little smile just to prove he’s alive
as he looks around for nothing on the ground

once his life was a prison but it burst at the seams
when he found a way to leave his dreams behind
now he lives in a mist he hopes will leave him so numb
that he’ll die without a worry on his mind


i was walking through williamsburg, taking it in
trying to keep the courage not to run
when a boy left a bodega and he stepped in my path
in his right hand was a gun

he said, “give me your money and i’ll leave you alive”
and he shook and looked discouraged while he talked
and i tried not to watch him as he walked away
but i noticed a spring in his walk


you only get one chance at everything on this earth
and everything you do you must redeem
it’s a hard sad life most people’d rather throw away
on drinks and drugs and idle dreams

i was sitting in my bedroom staring at an empty fifth
the night was disappearing from my head
when i had a funny thought and i started to laugh
’cause i remembered what somebody said