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lirik lagu 4strate – disclaimer


uhm the idea that i wanted to share with y’all guy is that, like sometimes you gotta do whatchu think is best
whether anybody believes or not…

lemme kick it like a fetus while i’m preaching like i’m jesus
feeding you with knowledge you can never get in college
they taught you making dollars but y’all fail to see the problem
outchea making money for some n~gga in a office
a different type enslavement, only difference that it’s modern
slaving in a boardroom so you moved from picking cotton
sitting 9 to 5 working hard for your bag
but when the month ends you only get a percent
you tryna get the cheese so you do what simon says
cos simon’s got the key to your happiness and wealth
you giving him control cos of promises he made
so you break your back in the name of getting paid
wake up, realize the game
you getting played
to get whatchu worth
you gotta get it yourself
f~kk the middle man cos he also wants a cut
bro the world is yours sh~t you got it in your hands