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lirik lagu 454 – interstate vibe


i can’t call [?]
what it is i see in you
baby when we met [?] straight through the roof
i don’t see what you see in met
but baby [?] it’s true
on the interstate vibe [?]
interstate vibe [?]
[?] that’s cool
got that interstate vibe [?]
interstate vibe [?]
[?] that’s cool
it’s on beat too
got that interstate vibe [?]

triple up by my second
triple cross leave it vacant
that’s the cost cause [?]
hat’s is off [?] table
[?] trail blazers i don’t need no h~ll raisers
straight shot [?] like a chamber
[?] for me
i know [?] i like [?]
you [?] baby we can connect just like bluetooth
drop thе top but you know that it’s a new roof
shawty wild man i think he got a loose scrеw
shawty really don’t have a clue just what i do
i was at the paint shop just when i got the [?]
thinking bout [?] i had to name the chevy blues clues
really had me hurt i had to come up out the capsule
really got the tattoo
[?] just like jetblue